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Results and Standings

Mount Mauganui RSA Chess Club

2018 Championship Qualifying placings (8) standings:

Qualified from previous years Championship finals: Bob Smith, Kirill Polishchuk, Noel Pinic
First main event: Helmut Marko
Second main event: Caleb Wright
Third main event: Josia Vickers
Fourth main event:
Fifth main event:

Recent event summary results: (last 12 months or so).

2018 Third Main event: Top group winner: (In progress)
                                   Casual goup winner: Vivian Smith
2018 Second Main event: Top group winner: Bob Smith & Kirill Polishchuk 1st=
                                     Casual group winner: Vivian Smith

2018 First Main Event: Top group winner: Bob Smith

                                  Casual group winner: Nick Sayers

2017 Championship finals: 1st= Bob Smith & Kirill Polishchuk

2017 Sixth Main event - casual: Vivian Smith

2017 Fifth Main event: Bob Smith

2017 Blitz 3'+2": Noel Pinic

2017 Fourth Main event: Top group winner: Kirill Polishchuk

                                    Casual group winner: Jun Yun

2017 Third Main event: Top group winner: Noel Pinic

                                  Casual group winner: Soobin Yang