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organised by the Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club:
Bay of Plenty Girls’ Chess Championships 2012  -    Results
Secondary Section
Secondary Champion Kimberly D’Mello Aquinas College
2nd Place Rosa Faulkner-Bickers Whakatane High School
3rd Equal Lakesha Pulman Te Puke High
Lucy Happe Tauranga Girls College
Julia Whyte Whakatane High
Gabriella Costa Opotiki College
Intermediate Section:
Intermediate Champion Laura McKee Tauranga Intermediate
2nd Place Téa James St. Joseph's Catholic School 
3rd Place Savannah Wilmot St. Joseph's Catholic School 
Primary Section:
1st Equal Bailey Berntsen Pyes Pa School
Maia Moko                        Fairhaven Primary          
3rd Equal Ruby Doyle Fairhaven Primary
Cameron Phillips St. Joseph's Catholic School
Jenna Glasgow Tahatai Coast School
Full Results:
Final  Placings  -  Secondary/Intermediate  Section
Place Name School Score
  1 Kimberly D'Mello Aquinas College              6
  2 Rosa Faulkner-Bickers Whakatane High               4.5
 3-6 Lakesha Pulman Te Puke High                 4
      Lucy Happe Tauranga Girls College     4
      Julia Whyte Whakatane High               4
      Gabriella Costa Opotiki College              4
 7-8 Tayisha Wade Whakatane High               3.5
      Rachel Gullet Opotiki College              3.5
9-11 Laura McKee Tauranga Intermediate        3    (1st Intermediate)
      Pikake Stevens Opotiki College              3
      Anna Van der Slik Opotiki College              3
12-16 Annie Connor Tauranga Girls College      2.5
      Téa James St. Joseph's Catholic School 2.5  (2nd Intermediate)
      Takutaimoana Gray Whakatane High               2.5
      Paris Gray Whakatane High               2.5
      Kathy Nguyen Whakatane High               2.5
17-18 Savannah Wilmot St. Joseph's Catholic School 2    (3rd Intermediate)
      Rhiannon Donkin Opotiki College 2
 19 Keeley Davidson      St. Joseph's Catholic School 1
Final Placings  -   Primary Section
Place Name School             Score
 1-2  Bailey Berntsen                 Pyes Pa School              4.5
      Maia Moko                       Fairhaven Primary             4.5
 3-5 Ruby Doyle Fairhaven Primary 4
      Cameron Phillips                St. Joseph's Catholic School 4
Jenna Glasgow Tahatai Coast 4
 6-7  Abigail Lane                    Omanu Primary                3.5
      Louise Reay-Martin             Pyes Pa                   3.5
8-10 Anna Petersen                   Omanu Primary                3
      Lauren Thompson               Fairhaven Primary            3
      Jean Willetts                   St. Joseph's Catholic School 3
11-13 Olivia Philpot                  Pyes Pa School                   2.5
      Taliah Edgecombe-Pearse Pyes Pa School 2.5
      Flora Larsen                    Selwyn Ridge Primary         2.5
 14 Pfeifer McIntyre                St. Joseph's Catholic School 2
 15 Niamh Alison                    St. Joseph's Catholic School 1.5